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Formulating and exporting API Intermediate, Prilocaine, Clotrimazole, Bupivacaine, etc.

About Us

In the year 2019, NB Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., was founded to meet the needs of customers associated with Clotrimazole, Bupivacaine, Prilocaine, Local Anesthetics API Intermediate, Anti Fungal API Intermediate, Anti Phychotic API Intermediate, Anti Ulcers and Acid API Intermediate, etc. Our manufacturer and supplier company has carved out a place for itself over the years and is trying to expand its business. We are also working to achieve ISO 9002 compliance for all our divisions. Due to quality assurance, superior products and prompt delivery, the company aspires to become the first choice in this growing sector. It is the intense knowledge of our team members and assistance of modern production facilities because of which we are serving mankind with effective API Intermediate.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of our company is to concentrate on the products growth and development. Further, we are focused to maintain a winning culture by adhering to the highest ethical and value standards. We also aim for excellence in customer service, quality as well as research and development.

Our vision is to:

  • Ensure consistent quality and on-time delivery by charging reasonable price.
  • Providing customised solutions and services to satisfy customers evolving needs.
  • Select the most effective and adaptable manufacturing procedures and methods.
  • Adopt methods that are cost-effective and safe, and are supported by proven technologies.
  • Strive for client orientation through constant technological advancements, excellent business ethics, and innovative product creation.
Business Interests

R&D and Cost-Effective Process Development are tailored to the needs of the customer associated with Anti Fungal API Intermediate, Local Anesthetics API Intermediate, Bupivacaine, Prilocaine, Clotrimazole, Acid API Intermediate and Anti Ulcers, Anti Phychotic API Intermediate, etc. Pay special attention to the latest fast-moving bulk actives that will be off-patented in the near future.

Quality Policy

NB Healthcare envisions a customer-focused, forward-thinking corporation where quality is the cornerstone of all operations. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding national and international quality standards. Customer satisfaction exceeds expectations in all areas, including Reliability, Quality and Services, by employing quality-driven employees that adhere to strict performance standards. Training sessions of all workers responsible for maintaining and increasing quality, with an emphasis on enhancing their skills and qualifications, is a backbone for supporting customer satisfaction.

Environment, Health & Safety (E.H.S.) Policy

We at NB Healthcare have been manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and related products for over a decade and are dedicated to consistently improving our Environmental, Health, and Safety (E.H.S.) performance by implementing the following:

  • Abiding to environmental and occupational health and safety legislation, regulations, and other requirements, as well as our own internal standards.
  • Preservation of natural resources and raw materials by optimising their use, reusing and recycling where possible and reducing waste.
  • Developing or adapting safe working methods to avoid, minimize, or control occupational health and safety risks.
  • Conducting periodic checks and risk assessments.
  • Offering knowledge and awareness training on E.H.S. to all our workers, contractors, and sub-contractors.
  • To meet the Clean, Safe, and Green Environment objectives, this policy must be disseminated to all employees and made available to interested authorities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to society as a good corporate citizen is a culture that our Founder Chairman instilled in us more than three decades ago. We empower the needy with better community health, access to quality education, and enhanced livelihood possibilities under the framework of our charitable institution and Public Charitable Trust. Our CSR aspires to be relevant to local, national, and global settings, and to be executed in collaboration with government, non-governmental organizations, and other relevant stakeholders.

We always assure active engagement of all stakeholders in need identification, strategic planning, and implementation when we employ a sustainable development-centric approach. Employees at NB are also praised for volunteering their time, talents, and knowledge to help others. To achieve these goals, NB engages in a variety of CSR initiatives that benefit the community as a whole, particularly in the areas of health, education, rural development, women empowerment, and the environment.

Plant Details

NB Healthcare has a number of production facilities that are designed, equipped, and run to produce high-quality APIs and API Intermediates. These manufacturing facilities can handle a wide range of products and batch sizes while adhering to environmental, health, and safety regulations. The key to our ability to handle complicated technologies is well-designed plant engineering. Our facility is made up of small-scale utility pilots. This scale-up facility is in charge of bringing benefits to the company through process improvement and process safety while minimizing environmental and health risks. Atlas manufacturing primary competency is its continuous attempts to improve processes with a focus on consistent quality and cost-effectiveness. The company has jumped ahead of the competition thanks to a strong feeling of dedication and an efficient crew. In order to come closer to its aim of becoming a USDA-recognized manufacturing company, NB Healthcare is establishing a WHO GMP certified unit in Ahmedabad.

Research and Development

The research programs of NB Healthcare are designed to help us develop new compounds and bring them to market at a fair cost. The key to our efforts is focused development in a specific specialty area based on difficult technologies. Our knowledgeable and scientifically minded workforce adds to the companys success.

Product Development Lab and Process Development Lab make up our R&D. Product Development Lab focuses on researching upcoming generic APIs and developing appropriate non-infringing processes in terms of product safety, environmental and health danger, and competitive cost. With the support of the QC department, this lab is also in charge of analytical research and development.

Process Development Lab maintains the long-term viability of our APIs in any market place and drives corporate growth through continuous product process improvement. This lab is in charge of not only bringing a financial advantage to our products, but also reducing environmental and health risks and improving process safety. In compliance with GMP & GLP standard facilities and instrumentation, both R&D Labs validate the process at the Gram scale and then at the Kilo scale.